% Thinking, The In between, Doing %

Well I would say that I'm in the in between at the moment. Sitting here in my kitchen looking through social media and browsing on how other photographers get started and becoming something. Thinking about what I want to shoot and what I don't want to shoot. I'm one of those photographers that pick up my camera when I want to shoot something, but sometimes you have to force yourself to pick up that camera cause you're slow going at the start. Taking the first step for every shoot is probably the most annoying one or the most struggling one but after that first step you are so happy as can be.

As a photographer you're a businessman, thinking about your financial needs and how to make money go around. This is how I would divide my life right now.

- Work 30%

- Photography 50%

- Free Time 20 %

But my photography life looks like this

- Fixing the studio 30 %

- Working on the business 40 %

- Planing shoots 10 %

-  Shooting 5 %

- Retouching 15 %

This is how I want my life to be

- Shooting 100%

You can do that once you've reached there and worked hard for it. Just don't forget why you started and never forget what you wanna do, you can get lost sometimes... I know I have. But I'm never giving up, I'll find a way.

And that's 10% of my thoughts for today!