Finding Dennis Forsberg


It is time to realise who I am. For so long I've been unaware of who I am and what my purpose is. Being lost is just one of the shitty things I've been for a better part of 2 years. 

A Dennis who has been living in his dreams and had a big enough ego to feel like a fucking champion all of the time. 

A Dennis who has been drawn to depressing things, whether it's in photographs or in real life.

A Dennis who has worried about what's to come and being afraid of what wont come true.

A Dennis who desires the impossible but not put in the hard work.

A Dennis who missed a shot and is looking for the next big thing to just appear out of nowhere.

A Dennis who doesn't appreciate the little things, the things he has, family, friends.

A Dennis who has masked most of the shit that he's been through.

A Dennis who is confused.

A Dennis who doesn't love himself.

A Dennis who hasn't grown up.

A Dennis that will change.

A Dennis who will live for the moment and work hard for what he believes in and make the hard decisions.

A Dennis who will believe in the impossible and impress the world. And the people of the world will say ' that Dennis, he is just something beyond words ' I want to become something impossible. The goal continues to be the worlds best photographer, just close your eyes and go through walls and problems and when you open your eyes you will be there. Just close your eyes hold your breathe and go through the hardships and come out on the otherside and become something beyond words.

And if somebody's going to make it
Then this somebody ought to be you - Ambitions

And be yourself is all that you can do
To be yourself is all that you can do - Audioslave

A part of me wants the best for me, a part of me loves me so much, embrace that part because I love you Dennis