Why Settle For Less ?! Reality vs Dreams


Why be grateful for the smallest thing in your life. Why not aim for the things you've dreamed about when you were a kid. The reason you settle for less and not reach for the dreams that you aimed for when you were a kid / young is because reality is a bitch. I’m frustrated, let me explain.

When I finished my college degree I went back to Sweden and had my goals and hopes about how it would be in Sweden as a photographer. After all I got my bachelors degree, I’ve got experience, let’s do this! Photography jobs, here I am, come get me! The point is, I had my hopes about how it would be and then reality strikes. Things doesn’t go the way you intended them to go and you start to feel bad. If you don’t pick yourself up from that hole that you dug yourself down in then guess what even the smallest positive thing will be so appreciated by you.

Imagine that you’re stuck in a hole and you haven’t had water for days, eventually it starts to rain and you’re so grateful. It’s water! That’s all it is! Water is great don’t get me wrong but you shouldn’t settle for water. What I’m trying to say about this metaphor is, when things doesn’t go your way you tend to settle for the smallest things, whether it’s water or a job at the supermarket.

When I came back home from Sweden let me tell you, a job at the supermarket was not what I had in mind. Back then I would go “ pff screw that I’m gonna do what makes me happy “ But you know what, I’ve dug myself a hole and that supermarket job seems a bit more tempting now. Fuck that I say (remember … I’m frustrated hihi) why the hell would I settle for something that I didn’t settle for a month ago !? Why would I settle for less when I know, I know I can have everything! 

I’m so glad that I didn’t neglect this thought. I’m so glad I asked myself that question, why do people appreciate the job at the supermarket or the job at a desk? Because they’ve probably had reality strike down upon them and they settle for the smallest positive thing that makes them feel good about themselves (don’t get me wrong, if that’s what you wanna do, if that’s what you live for then great, keep doing it and become the best salesman or supermarket employee you can be!)

But I can just guess that a lot of people settles for those jobs because things hasn’t been going their way and they take what they can get. I say screw that, doesn’t matter what age you are doesn’t matter how bad things have gotten, pick yourself up damnit and settle for greatness. I’m not settling for less, I’m settling for greatness, I’m settling for what I’ve dreamt about.

Reality is a bitch, but reality if you keep being a bitch then guess what I’m gonna turn you into my dream, screw that I’m turning you into my dream anyway. I hate using quotes like “ never give up “.

Reason being is because it’s used way to often for the wrong purposes, but in this text right here you can bet your ass that it’s for the right purpose, never give up, never settle for less and aim for that dream you’ve dreamt about for ages. And if you don't know what your dream is then it will find you, you just have to live your life and don't be uncertain about things.