Am I stuck ?


Am I stuck ? Ever since I came home from Sweden my confidence has dropped and my goals seems to be further and further away from me for each day that passes.

I work best when I'm alone, no distractions. Where I'd like to be right now is in a dark studio with just me and my computer that throws a white light across me, highlighting me isolated in the dark studio. Besides me is obviously my cameras, pointing towards me and the lens glass is reflecting towards me, eagerly waiting for me to snap the next shot.

I do wonder myself what my next photograph will look like. And I'm not talking about a iphone photo nor a photograph shot with one of my film cameras. I'm talking about something powerful, something emotional and something that makes people feel. I'm old enough now to know that work gets done when you work hard, not just endlessly write in your book about your ideas and inspirations. Getting an idea is beautiful and working on that idea until it becomes something visual is even more beautiful. Don't expect little from yourself Dennis, you can do great things plus you're stil young so woho!

But as of now I'm typing down my thoughts and sitting here wondering... Am I Stuck ?